101 Country Listener’s Random Act of Awesomeness!!!

WBDC really does have the best listeners in the world and that was on full display on Thursday, April 24th. Afternoon DJ Kelsey recieved a call from a listener who had a lower level ticket to the Jason Aldean concert at the Ford Center in Evansville and she was unable to go. Instead of trying to sell the ticket to recoup the cost the listener (who wishes to remain anonymous) wanted Kelsey to “auction” off the ticket and give the money raised to the Dubois County Community Food Bank. The calls started coming in to the WBDC Studios and when it was all said and done, Kelsey will be dropping off $80.00 to the food bank later today. We wanted to share this story with you guys and say thank you to everyone who called in with their bids. To that anonymous caller…YOU ARE AWESOME! Thanks 101 Country!

UPDATE 7:44am – A listener just called this morning wanting to add $20.oo to that deposit!!!

UPDATE 7:55am – Jeannie Rose (the $80.00 donator) just came to pick up the ticket and added another $20.00 to the total! So we’re at $120.00!!!


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  1. wow! always great to hear about the goodness in the hearts of those in this area!


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