May 2018

Denny's Morning Brainteaser


69% of single women say that men who like to do this are sexy. What is it? Answer: Travel! Congratulations to Ron Wiseman of Birdseye, Indiana for being the SMARTEST PERSON ON THE PLANET this morning and winning a FREE Original Grand Slam from Denny’s in Jasper!

Birthdays & Anniversaries

5/1/18 WBDC Birthday & Anniversary Club

WBDC Birthday & Anniversary Club Sheila   Asbell Mike  Riggle Tyler  Eckstein Jim  Gehlhausen Dana  Underwood Cameron  Tooley George  Groves Alicia  Lovell Matt  Hasenour – Winner Michelle  Kieffner Stacy  McCracken Jeff  Chamness George  Wetzel Abby  Ebenkamp Mason  Verkamp Evan  Hassfurther Maude  Drew Alex  Stillwell Dave  &  Wilma  Stemle Hermie  &  Nancy…