October 2018

Denny's Morning Brainteaser


It takes the average man until the age of 24 to learn how to properly do this. What is it? Answer: Operate a washing machine! Congratulations to Stefany Hardin of Ireland, Indiana for being the SMARTEST PERSON ON THE PLANET this morning and winning a FREE Original Grand Slam from…

Birthdays & Anniversaries

10/17/18 WBDC Birthday & Anniversary Club

WBDC Birthday & Anniversary Club Jane Durcholz Tim Verkamp Jordan Mehringer Larry Betz Ron Phillips Krista Gogel Mary Warner Orpha Nixon Liz Gogel Bailey Prickett Jake Kitten Angie Burden Jesus Molina Deb Knies Jagger Schnell Mark Rickelman Cindy Kippenbrock Jeff Sander Lynn Bueltel Adam & Jessica Mohr – Winner Hannah…