5/31/18 WBDC Birthday & Anniversary Club

WBDC Birthday & Anniversary Club

Tracy  Gutgsell

Connie  Overbey

Jaden  Brosmer

Travis  Smith

Trent  Smith

Tim  Cummings

Ryles  Gogel

Jocelynn  Morrow

Jim  Glendening

Tracy  Durcholz

Suzi  Mathies

Sherry  Hauser

Diane  Niehaus

Leighton  Hochgesang

Dolores  Hasenour

Tom  Cummings

Dale  &  Karen  Altstadt

Adam  “Skinny”  &  Jenny  Matheis

Jeremy  &  Angela  Hoffman – Winner

Our Winner Should Contact The Dairy Queen At The “Y” In Jasper

For Your Choice Of A Royal Treat Or

A Six Pack Of Novelties

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