Kip Moore releases fan-favorite “Crazy One More Time” to radio

When Kip Moore released his debut album Up All Night in 2012, both country fans and radio couldn’t get enough. Three of the album’s singles hit the top ten in no time. The collection sold over one million copies, giving Kip a platinum record. 

“Something ‘Bout A Truck” would be Kip’s first number one song and was followed by “Beer Money” and “Hey Pretty Girl.” Soon, his record label announced a deluxe edition of the project that included his very first single, “Mary Was the Marrying Kind.” Then, in 2015, his long-awaited sophomore album was released.   

Kip’s known for his high-energy Springsteen-like shows. It’s basically a marathon of heartland rock coupled with the fundamentals of country music. He’s never been a flashy guy; the songs are the focal point. And as his career has grown, there’s always one song that seems to be in demand, no matter how many years have passed.  

“Crazy One More Time” is an album cut that Kip almost always includes in his shows. And after ten years, Kip has decided to release it to country radio. Written by Kip, Aimee Mayo, and Chris Lindsey, the version you’ll hear on the radio is re-recorded but remains almost identical to the original. Such an exciting start for 2022 for Kip Moore!  

You can hear WBDC premiere the song on Afternoons with Amanda!   

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