My NASHVILLE obsession!

Hello.  My name is Kelsey, and I am absolutely obsessed with ABC’s new show, Nashville.  Since the last episode ended I feel like a little piece of me has been missing… I know, I have a problem! Finally I feel like I have found a show with more entertainment than all of my other trashy reality shows combined… And it’s about as far from a trashy reality tv show as you can get!  For those of you who have developed a love for the show like me, do you find yourself trying to compare the characters to real life country artists?  Here’s what I think about the two main characters… Rayna James is the perfect combo of Reba and Faith Hill.  Connie Britton (Who plays Rayna) is actually the same age as Faith Hill and told “The Nashville Scene” that her hair and makeup people used numerous photos of Faith Hill to give her Rayna’s look. But the reddish hair and country attitude screams Reba to me!

Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton in ABC's Nashville.

Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton in ABC’s Nashville.

And Juliette Barnes… I say Taylor Swift behavior with a Carrie Underwood look.  Her “country-pop” reputation has to be based upon Taylor Swift!  She even has constant man troubles just like ol’ Taylor.  Wonder if she writes songs about her past relationships too?? But the look is straight up Carrie Underwood.  Hayden Panettiere has said she mimics Carrie’s stage presence but I think a lot of her look comes from Carrie too.  Blonde hair, outfits with bling… definitely Carrie Underwood! When asked about the show, Carrie says that people in  Nashville are nowhere near as “drama-rific” as they are depicted in the show.

Either way, I love the drama, the music, the actors… Everything! Like I said, totally obsessed!


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