Prisma Lopez-Marin

IMG_20160103_173714_-414383839Bio: A graduate from Indiana University Bloomington …Go IUB!  Raised in Bloomington I experienced the towns growth but also enjoy the the small town feel it continues to have. With the goal to be involved with multimedia and then become a film director  I ventured towards the Telecommunication major at good old IU and became fortunate to be working for WBDC, WAXL, WJTS-TV.

Job Title: News Reporter for WJTS-TV, 101 Country WBDC, & WAXL

Birth: Toluca,Mex  10/23/89

The Year You Started: 2015

Hobbies: binge-watching shows, attempting to master Mom’s cooking recipes, playing sports in good weather

Favorite Food: Alfredo pasta, red velvet cupcakes, & tacos!!!

Favorite Artist: Adele and so many more, I love Music, Yes, I sing in the car to the radio!

Favorite Movie: Fast & Furious,  X-men movies,Ice Age,  Blade, Big Hero Six, Resident Evil, Jurassic World, Despicable Me,  Harry Potter movies.

Favorite TV Shows: Friends, Nashville, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Modern Family, Castle, Empire, Chicago PD, Blacklist, 30 Rock.

Worst Habit:  as a creative person, procrastination comes with the territory

Guilty Pleasure: CAKE, caramel machiattos,  action movies

If I wasn’t in Radio,… not sure… the journey has just begun, let me get back to you.