Ty Hunter

Bio: Ty Hunter is a 2003 graduate of Jasper High School and studied at Vincennes University Jasper Campus where he mainly studied the back of his eyelids. Ty is an Army veteran having served one tour in Iraq in 2008 and lives in Jasper with his beautiful wife Hayley and their 4 children: Tyson, Addison, Kabric, and Lauren.

Ty started with WBDC in 2003 and literally mopped the floors and took out the trash for a while until one of our DJ’s got the flu and we were desperate enough that day to allow him to be on air. Fast forward 18 years and now he is on-air every morning from 5am till 10am and we’ve regretted it ever since…seriously.


Job Title: Morning Drive DJ / Marketing Executive / Smartest Person on the Planet

Birth: Princeton, Indiana 04/02/1984

Started at WBDC in: 2003 (18 Years)


Favorite Food: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches, Taco Bell, and breakfast food.

Favorite Artist: Anything that isn’t Sam Hunt

Favorite Movies: The Matrix, and every single Star Wars movie ever made.

Favorite TV Shows: Archer, Scrubs, Letterkenny, and Trailer Park Boys

Worst Habit: Inappropriateness, immaturity, and he doesn’t smell very good.

Guilty Pleasure: Star Trek: The Next Generation

If I wasn’t In Radio, I’d Be: Pumping your gas.