Worst Job Ever?!

Ever think of how cool it would be to be a product tester for something cool like recliners, ice cream, or foot massagers?

I’m sureice cream Consumer Reports, one of the leading product and service testers out there, has folks that love to do those jobs.


But, have you ever thought of the flip side… There are also insect repellent product testers who willingly allow themselves to get bit by mosquitos and ticks! Gross! While they are assured the bugs used in testing are disease free, that can’t be pleasant… And I hope they get paid well!

Fortunately, this grueling work pays off for us folks who are exposed to insects of all varieties (diseased or not).  Below are the results of the Consumer Reports study revealing top repellent products.  skeeters

Read the full report by Consumer Reports online HERE.

Best of luck not getting bitten this summer season by those pesky little suckers!



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