Praying WomanAccording to a new survey, every Sunday in America more than 80% of church goers are praying for family and friends, 74% are praying for guidance on problems and 13% are praying for this.

Answer: A winning lottery ticket! (12% pray for government leaders and 21% for their favorite sports team to win)

Congratulations to Larry Zoglman of Fulda for being the SMARTEST PERSON ON THE PLANET this morning and picking up $5 ‘Ohana Bucks!

Country Legend Glen Campbell has released his final music video/single called “Not Gonna Miss You” and we feel we should warn you that you may want to go ahead a break out some tissues. Campbell was diagnosed in 2011 with Alzheimer’s Disease. The song is about what Campbell says is the worst and the best part of the disease. The music video features pictures and videos from his life and again we warn you….it’s heartbreaking.