WBDC Birthdays & Anniversary Club

Roger  Hurst

Renee  Hentrup

Stephanie  Park

Joni  Hassfurther

Brenda  Daunhauer

Debbie  Hartwick

Shane  Oser

Darlene  Hassfurther

John  Becher

Gage  Mehling

Craig  Heim

Susan  Esarey

Ava  Peyronel

Seth  Gehlhausen

Cooper Dick – “Winner”

Collin  Godfrey

Cletus  Merkel

Stan  Offil

Heith  &  Melody  Thewes

Jody  &  Kelly  Knies

Bill  &  Mary  Winter

Adam  &  Janessa  Steckler

Dave  &   Jan  Knies

Contact The Dairy Queen At The “Y” In Jasper

For Your Choice Of A Royal Treat Or

A Six Pack Of Novelties

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