Written by on January 13, 2015

WBDC Birthdays & Anniversary Club

Jaylyn Giesler

Lisa Mehringer

Kinley Fischer

Alyssa Begle

Jarod Wolf

Donna Schulz

Nick Hasenour

Arlene Fleck

Roy Harder

Lisa Wessel

Trampes Gifford

Lisa Welp

Caleb Mohr

Mitchell Terry

Will Bueltel

Dean Fuhs

Amy Howard

Karen Galloway

Al Barkley

Debra Crawford

Caleb Hasenour

Tarynn Reeves – “Winner”

Mary Shepherd

Kristin Schitter

Jeff Adams

Andy Eckerle

Harold & Gretna Vincent

Contact The Dairy Queen At The “Y” In Jasper For Your Choice Of

A Royal Treat Or

A Six Pack Of Novelties

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