10/22/18 WBDC Birthday & Anniversary Club

WBDC Birthday & Anniversary Club

Kelly  Schroering

Pam  Welp

Ryan  Prechtel

Debbie  Beckman

Tom  Reed

Trey  Toby

Taylor  Toby – Winner

Ashley   Andry

Tony  Rasche

Brittany  Weisheit

Katelyn  Sue  Kippenbrock

Patti  Brosmer

Duane  Knies

Melonie Cox-Haase

Bethany  Kempf

Jo  Vaal

Diane  Carie

Sue  Schwinghammer

Kaleb  Meyer

Mike  &  Stacy  Taber

Stacy  &  Brad  Haase

Dennis  &  Carolyn  Rohleder

Kyle  &  Audrey  Hasenour

Tim  &  Cindy  Eckstein

Casey  &  Rhonda  Hall

Jason  &  Tracy  Mehringer

Our Winner Should Contact The Dairy Queen At The “Y” In Jasper

For Your Choice Of A Royal Treat Or

A Six Pack Of Novelties

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